Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Look Before You Leap (or sit)

I remember this movie from when I was a kid. The one where the guy tells his buddy that the way you know a girl is a keeper is if after you let her in the car, she unlocks your door for you.

Needing all the help I can get, I've lived by this rule for the past 15 years. Until last week, when I got distracted.

Date #2: We hug hello and begin chatting easily. He leads me to the passenger side of the car, unlocking it and letting me in. Impressed with his chivalry, I look up at him and smile as I slide into the seat. Crunch.

Immediately my grin drops as my heart begins to beat wildly. What the? I turn, reach under my ass, and grab hold of a mangled pair of sunglasses. As I begin to wrap my mind around what I have done, I look up and see my date fumbling with his key. Before I can react, he is in and he is looking at the destruction in my hand.



londongirl said...

Surely most people have central locking these days?

Lost said...

I wondered about the opening the car lock these days too. Back in my high school, college days, unlocking the driver's side for my date was still common. To Londongirl's point, these days it's all central locks.

So....what happened with the date and sunglasses??!?????

The Dauntless Dater said...

You're right ladies. Most do open with just a click. But Ken opened my side with the key so it didn't automatically open his side. And neither did I.

Lost - After I apologized profusely, he assured me he didn't mind. And, we're going out tomorrow...so I guess the glasses weren't that expensive!

Mike said...

Never heard that rule before, but I do have to admit I do like it when I make it around the car and it's open for me.

Anonymous said...

I would say drop the guy now if his car does not unlock all the doors with a one or two clicks....but then again, if everything else was good, I would not hold back either.....what do you have to loose.....I have another story to share.


The Dauntless Dater said...

Elanore! So good to hear from you! I can't wait to hear the latest saga!!

Loverville said...

I know that movie ("A Bronx Tale", right?) -- and I always think of that as well!

I just started dating a guy with an old car, and I think of that scene every time I lean wayyyy over to unlock his door!

And yes -- I was surprised that his car didn't have automatic locks. But eh -- who cares.