Monday, August 24, 2009

Surprisingly Sweet

Every woman has at some point met, dated, almost married, married, and/or divorced a complete jerk. The kind of guy who is thirty pounds overweight yet winces when her size two ass bends over in front of him. It's inevitable that sometime between the sandbox and the cemetery, we've had Mr. I'm Better Than You.

That's good news for you, guys (really good), because those bad boys set the bar low (really low). All you need is the teeniest bit of sweetness to become our Sugar.

So, be surprisingly sweet*

If you've just returned from a guys weekend and you're discussing where to have dinner, and she says, "I have bad news. I don't like tacos." You say, "I have good news. I missed you this weekend."

It might just knock her pants off.

*As with the last post, don't try this too early. Make sure she's feeling you.