Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Always Be Prepared

Let me tell you about my Safeway. It's small, crowded, and regularly out of the necessary ingredients. It caters to singles, but more so the widowed kind than the 20/30 something kind. But it's across the street. So I go. Often.

After a quick shower, I realize I need some things from the Safeway. Hair barely brushed and dripping, I dash out of the house, sans even a stitch of makeup.

I grab a basket on the way in and begin examining the fruits and vegetables when I see a cutie by the oranges. He walks by, not a glance in my direction. Hmm. He must be in a hurry (Suuure Dauntless).

I see him again in the pasta aisle and he's heading straight for me. Alright boy, you better believe I'm gonna say hello to you. Mmm Mmm. Big smile Dauntless, big smile. "Hi."


Now we're heading in opposite directions, me smiling to myself, very proud of saying hello and hoping to see him again in the bread aisle. Still patting myself on the back, I arrive in the frozen food section.

Searching for some cherry popsicles, my focus shifts and I catch a glimpse of my reflection. There I am, in all my frizzy, pale glory, staring back at me. I am a mess. I proceeded to spend the next five minutes acting like I can't choose which damn popsicles I want while I use the glass door to desperately twist up my hair and pinch my cheeks.

Alas, it was all for naught. My chance had come and gone.

Always be prepared.


Lost said...

Very funny!
This reminds me that I need to get the courage and smile and say "hi" whenever possible. I've noticed I usually look like crap when I'm just doing a quick trip to the store or dry cleaners. Then when I try to think, "but what IF you see someone" then I waste another 15 mins trying to perfect that "I'm casual and just ran out looking fresh AND cute and low-maintenance".....but to you your final point...ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

love it!

CoatMan said...

You know, if you hadn't been worrying about your hair and (lack of) makeup so much, you might actually have run into him again; but somebody who says hello to a stranger then spends ten minutes trying to choose what flavour lollypop to have doesn't send out many sane signals.

The Dauntless Dater said...

Oh, I see how it is Coatman. Disappear for months and then you come out swinging, huh?

londongirl said...

VERY proud of you for saying hello. I would never dare (especially in the scary area where I live).

But I think Coatman has a point - you might think you looked ropey but he may have found it refreshingly natural...

follow through, dauntless dater. Go on.