Tuesday, January 02, 2007

She Didn't Lose her Phone

I'm a stable girl. Really, I am. I don't mope and whine about men and my lack thereof. I don't panic at the thought of going to a wedding without a date. And you'll never hear me shrieking, "Why Me?"

That said, today I had an irrational moment I mistook for a rational one.

About a week ago, I went out on a great date. He was flirting, I was flirting. Before the first date ended, he was asking me out on a second. He called and text messaged after date one. He seemed pretty interested. I, on the other hand, (rational girl that I am) did not get all, "He's the one" and whatnot.

Well, I'm sorry to say, Mr. Great Date stopped calling. Before he even had a chance to become Mr. Great Second Date.

Oh well. These things happen, right? That's what I told myself until a sudden thought occurred to me, I bet he lost his phone!

After about 20 seconds envisioning him calling out my name while searching the rain-soaked sewer for his phone, I realized how irrational I was being.

It's not the easiest thing to wrap your mind around. But guys, if she doesn't call, it ain't cause she done lost her phone!


adventure boy said...

Nice site!

Why not just look him up in the phone book and call him? I bet it'd be a great second date.

CoatMan said...

So, you didn't get to arranging the second date that you'd agreed on during the first and in subsequent correspondence? Hmm. Something must have happened to make him less keen. Or a message might have gone missing.

I always work on the exact reciprocity rule for e-mails and text messages in the formative stages: one reply for each message; no two or more consecutive messages without a reply to the first. If both are running that system, and a message gets lost, both can be left wondering where they went wrong.

I have a suspicion that that might be what happened to me on one occasion when a young lady whose telephone number I had obtained, and, where our timetables meant that it was not possible to see each other until after Christmas (having met at a Christmas party) failed to reply to an e-mail asking her out once in the new year and I had found a convenient time, which she stated when I briefly met her months later that she had never received.

Losing telephones, however, is rarer: I am on my third telephone since 1998, the first having been stolen and the second upgraded.

Incidentally, I really do love this 'blog - it is quite hilarious, and contains many useful tips for my own, so far somewhat unsuccessful, frolics in the world of online dating. Keep it up!

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