Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tivo Trouble

You invited her over to watch a movie. She has graciously accepted. In preparation, you've cleaned the house, chilled the wine, and popped the popcorn.

She arrives, comments on your nice apartment, and shakes off the cold as she settles next to you on the nice warm couch.

As you snuggle in with a glass of red wine and the bag of popcorn, you hit your Tivo button to retrieve the movie you recorded with her in mind. As you flip through the selections, carrying on about the accolades the movie received, she watches the television. Unexpectedly, she raises her eyebrows. You tear your gaze away from her long enough to see what caused the reaction.

And there it is. Highlighted in all it's glory.

"Hotel Erotica"

Awww, shit.

So gentlemen (and ladies), while you're scrubbing and dusting, preparing for her arrival, please remember that your best friend Tivo also needs a spit shine every now and again.

Note: I will neither confirm nor deny being the offender in this scenario.


Sarah said...

Everyone knows that "Why don't you come over and watch a movie?" is international code for sex.

I guess he just didn't get the "code" part of it :)

Cute Jewess said...

Ha! Good one.

adventure boy said...

Haha I completely agree with Sarah. It's the old "drink some wine, and f*ck a little" but with a different, less direct lead-up. This is why renting a DVD is much better. Plus one gets the chance to flirt a little with the lady in the videoshop ;) As a backup if the movie sex fails.