Friday, February 06, 2009

Social Experiment #1

Ok, so five of you are in. That works for me. But, any of you out there who didn't comment are more than welcome to play along at any time. Here goes nothing.

So I've been inside my own little box living life for quite some time now. Fun, sure. Exciting, no. The desire to try something new has hit me, but the kick in the ass to do so has not. That's where I need your help. Over the next month or so I'll be asking you to play a little virtual truth or dare with me, starting with the dare. I'll be looking for suggestions of ways to leave my comfort zone - more specifically (in keeping with the blog's theme) - ways to meet guys.

Without further ado, the rules: As readers, you will have 48 hours in which to leave your dare as a comment. At the end of the 48 hour period, I will choose one idea to act upon and let you know which dare I'll be performing. Then, I will have five days left in the week in which to act. Next comes the truth. On the fifth day, I will blog my successes and failures with the dare, and the whole thing will start again.

Just as a caveat, I am somewhat of a prude. I will not be choosing any dares in which I take my clothes off or perform sexual favors to get a guy's number. Think tamer than that.

And so the clock ticks. Until Sunday...


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Got one! I actually wrote about it on my blog not long ago. Take a trip to your local dog park. Preferably with a dog. If you don't have one, borrow one from a friend. There are always single guys with dogs there and it's so easy to strike up a conversation, especially if your dog plays (not worthwhile if your dog just sits there and cowers with tail between legs, so get a social animal to accompany you).

The only trick is, you should probably go to the same one a few times (at the same time of day). Dog parks are full of "regulars" so chances are you will have more luck in conversation once they see you there a few times. GO FOR IT!

Dainty Inferno said...

Are you a New Yorker? If so, try to pick someone up on a crowded subway car. Bonus points if he's wearing an iPod. I've always wanted to see if this was possible. And if you get rejected, rate the embarrassment factor for us so we know whether it's worth attempting or not.

OC said...

Oh I have one too. Are you a coffee drinker? This is something I always wanted to do... when at a coffee shop, look around and if there is someone interesting in line behind you, tell the cashier that you're buying his coffee too. Then go sit down somewhere (so the cashier can then point to you when cute guy goes through the line).

Instant conversation starter.