Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Results Show for Dare #2

First, my apologies for the delay. It seems I need a whole weekend full of liquid courage to complete these dares.

Now, for a blow by blow of the winks:

First (nerve-wracking) wink: Stoplight. Me, left turn lane. Him, next to me in the straight lane. Me, neck swiveling, swiveling, swiveling, trying to catch his eye. Finally, green arrow. Look again. Eye contact. Aaaand, wink. Then, go, go, go! Whew. I made it. He's gone.

The next two winks were not as stressful. They were virtual. That's right, match winks. Cop out, I know, but easy. And one led to an email.

The last winks were live. In a bar, where I couldn't run away. I tried to look for what a friend deemed a certain 'winkability': A man without a ring, scanning the room, and a certain air of confidence about him. A man open to the possibility of the wink. I found four. One was the performer of the live music (cop out again). The other three were guys whose eyes I was able to catch across the room. Wink. Wink. Two of them looked away immediately. Wink. The third one seemed a little confused, then looked away. One of my girlfriends had better luck. A close range wink brought two guys right over with stars in their eyes.

Seems my friend is a much better judge of winkability. It certainly couldn't have anything to do with the winker. ;)

Blogosphere: 1 Dauntless: 1 Dates: 0

Next dare, anyone? I'll choose by Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

If the weather is decent go out for a run and any guy you come across that is running stop him and ask him if he knows of any running clubs in the area. If you don't run then tell him you are starting to get into it and would love to join something and if you do already run then you should be able to pull it off just fine!

Anonymous said...

I think your next dare should involve the grocery store. I was there this evening and it seems like a target rich environment. I dare you to ask a cute guy if he know's where to get fresh mangos. You can explain that you just can't seem to find them and you'd really like to try a new recipe for mango chutney (or some variation of this dare). If you're really brave, you can even ask him to be your taste-tester of the finished product!! Good luck, I'm awaiting your dare results, and a new recipe :)

LiLu said...

Aw. Thanks for trying! I'll try to think of another good one...

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