Thursday, March 22, 2007

Something Borrowed, Something Bribed

I have a confession to make. The Dauntless Dater has been neither dauntless nor dating as of late.

In order to get both my blog and myself through this rough patch, I've enlisted the help of a close friend. Or rather, the help of her bad date...

15 minutes in:

Boy: I just got back from Africa and I drank the best tea there. Have you ever had African tea?

Girl: No, I haven't.

Boy: Well, you will just have to go out with me again and I'll bring you some. It's delicious!

50 minutes in:

Girl: Yeah, I started reading The Corner, but I accidentally dropped it in the bathtub and now it's too big and bloated to read.

Boy: That sucks! Lucky for you, I have a copy of The Corner. Now you'll have to go out with me again to get the tea and the book!

1 hr 25 minutes in:

Girl: Oh, I love red wine.

Boy: Me too! Geez, you really have to go out with me again and I'll bring you the tea, The Corner, and the wine!

1 minute after the date:

Girl: Tell you what, I'll do you one better. If you don't go out with me again, I'll let you keep all your shit!

Leave the bribery at the office guys.


Constant Dater said...

Ha! Once can charming, three times is overkill.

James said...

I'm in a dating slump too. Just can't be bothered just now :-I

Total Blam Blam said...

Which do you think is worse, his attempt to impress her by offering to do/lend/buy things for her, or his obvious insecurity as to whether there would be a second date (which of course implies that he wants a second date thus ceding all decisionmaking power to her as to whether there will be)?

Lost said...


This is like that game of memory I remember playing when I was a kid. Where you have to keep adding things on and see if you can remember the list of things. It was like, "I'm going on a picnic and I'm taking...." and each person would say something and you had to list it all out.

Hopefully the date was curbed quickly thereafter the 3 item he was remembering for her.