Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So what?

So what if you haven't been out on a date in two months?

So what if you just signed up for a new dating service because you couldn't stand the last one, but now you aren't getting as many emails and winks as you expected, so you keep checking to make sure your internet connection is working?

So what if admitting to someone that you're online dating feels like you're admitting you're a leper trying to find other lepers who will agree to have leprosy with you?

So what if you always tried hard to pretend your ex was pining for you from afar, but you just found out he's (I mean she's, of course) dating someone new, and they're probably snuggled up on the couch while you stare at your computer screen hoping to find someone other than your dog to love?

None of this makes you a freak. It makes you human. And be glad that you aren't settling for anyone. Especially that ex. Because frankly, he..damn it, she...wasn't all that anyway.


Cute Jewess said...

Ack. Of course one wishes this didn't hit so close to home!

Sarah said...

Then you would be exactly like me. :)