Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make. Her. Guac.

Ok, so not every woman will be bowled over by your efforts at Mexican, especially if avocados cause hives to creep up her neck. But if it's spicy she loves, it'll melt her heart!

Thing is, it doesn't matter if she's into guacamole, sangria, cream and sugar in her coffee, or pink tube socks. Find out what she likes and incorporate it somehow.*

Say she loves kayaking - take her on an adventure date. Climb a rock wall, go hiking. Just get on the move.

She craves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Surprise her with it when you take her to an outdoor movie.

Ok, how about those pink tube socks? Buy her a pair and take her to see an 80's hair band.

Doesn't matter how small or silly the item. What matters is that you're listening. I can't guarantee happily ever after, but chances are good you'll get another date.

*One word of caution: don't try this on a first date. Wait until you've gone out a couple times and have developed a rapport. Otherwise it's not charming, it's restraining order-ish.


CoatMan said...

What exactly *is* an 80s hair band...?

LiLu said...

Thank you for that last sentence... SO key.

Women Looking said...
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The Dauntless Dater said...

Such a shame, Coatman. 80s hair bands must not have made it across the pond. They were so called because they seemed to have more hair products than musical talent. But boy were they fun!

Angeilna said...

Great write up - Thank you for sharing..