Friday, July 25, 2008

Date A Cougar

Cougar Country isn't just for the wild wild west anymore, boys. It's all over this beautiful world. Here are the top ten reasons to become cougar* prey:

10. She ain't interested in marrying you, having your kids, or meetin your mama.

9. If you're pokey, she'll say, "This is the part when you kiss me."

8. She invented the back door boogie.

7. She's not afraid to tell you her real age.

6. She's not waiting for you to call.

5. She tells you what she wants, and she means it.

4. She looks damn good.

3. She doesn't much believe your bullshit, but she doesn't much care about it either.

2. She'll ask you if her shirt is in your way, then take it off.

1. She'll ask, "How old is the oldest woman you've been with?" When you answer, she'll laugh and say,"Well, we're changing that tonight, boy."

Date her. You won't be disappointed.

*An older woman

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Robert said...

Go Cougars!