Monday, October 15, 2007

There Are Certain Things You Shouldn't Suggest - Part I

"So, can I get your number so we can grab a drink sometime?"

"Sure." I proceed to give 'Doug' my number.

"Great. I'll call you sometime this week."

"Ok. Talk to you later."

Two days later, Doug calls and we make plans to meet up for a drink at a local pub the following week. Then, date night rolls around...


"Hey {Dauntless}, this is Doug. How are you?"

"I'm doing well, thanks. So, are we still on for tonight?"

"Actually, I'm pretty beat tonight with my weekend traveling and whatnot. I'm planning on making a little snack and having some wine though if you'd like to come over."


"Uhhhh, no. I don't think so." I'd kind of like to keep my innards out of the Cocoa Puffs.


londongirl said...

How odd!

Why arrange a date and then not be bothered to leave your sofa?? And I'm absolutely with you on the not-going-to-his-place-when-you-don't-know him thing...

HomeImprovementNinja said...

I think that's just bad form. You should date someone, then break up with them, then wait a respectable amount of time before asking for a booty call.

Nada said...

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Robert said...

In this day and age, a girl has got to be out of her mind to go out on a "first date" to the guys house. Just too many crazies lurking about. You made the right decision. If he is legit, he'll call again and you will go out to a nice, Public place.